What is the best phone to buy

Draft Created: October 27, 2019,

So what is the best phone to buy. That is really up to you and your budget It is an individual choice for you and what you want from a phone. Personally what I look at are the specs and the price then the camera battery life screen etc and of course the price. Others it might be the brand, some people will only buy Apples iPhone because they know and trust the brand the same as some like to buy branded clothing like Ralph Loren or Tommy Hilfiger etc it won’t matter if its more expensive what matters is it is a brand that they know and trust.

For others price is the main factor and it does not matter what make it is once it works and is reliable. If it has the features that you want and is cheaper why not right? This actually makes since as technology is changing so fast that the top phones today will probably be replaced next year by newer better technology and today s phones will be cheaper then.

Also some other not so well-known brands are cheaper but have the same technology inside and some offer even more in terms of memory and specs than the better known brands. So it really depends on you are you driven by your heart or your head. For me the phone needs to be the best specs at the best price from a reliable company and that is why I always try to review the best phones.

I am not going to claim to be an expert just have an interest in the latest tech and advances being made which seems to be getting better and better every year. That’s why I am going to ask for your help If you feel there is some phone out there that I should review please let me know or if you got a phone that gave you trouble or a company that had terrible customer support let me know that too.

Even though I might earn a small commission if you purchase a phone through one of the links that I have provided the number one thing I want is to recommend a good product and a phone I would be happy to recommend to any of my friends or family. If there is anything that you would like me to review or anything you would like to chat about please get in touch or drop me a line below.

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