huawei p30 pro

huawei p30 pro

My Rating 8/10 (best camera)

The huawei p30 pro has probably the best camera phone to date with 5x optical zoom and 50x digital zoom on a quad camera set up with amazing low light performance. It’s like having a pair of binoculars in your phone.It’s a stunning looking phone and it’s glass back comes with a choice of really bright colors

The main camera is a 40 MP wide angle and 20 MP ultra wide angle cameras with a brand new 8-megapixel telephoto camera the fourth camera is a 3D depth-sensing system called a time of flight camera that’s used for portrait effects. They come together to produce the best camera you can get on any phone to date. For pictures of nature animals of anything at a distance this will get you up close from a safe distance.

There is nothing on a phone to match the zoom capabilities of the huawei p30. The front selfie camera is a 32 MP setup that takes very good detailed shots. It’s got the best low light performance of any phone camera picking up colors and detail which can’t be seen with the naked eye. Huawei uses both Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and AI-powered digital stabilization for steady shots.

The battery is a descent 4200 mAH which last around two days between charging and if you do need a top up it’s got huawai 40w super charging which can bring it up to 70% charge in around 30 minutes. It also has 15w wireless charging with the huawai wireless quick charger.

The P30 Pro is IP68 water and dust resistance so If it accidentally drops in the sink it should be ok and has a fast and accurate fingerprint scanner under the screen, the latest Kirin 980 chip It has 6gb of ram takes duel sim cards and a nano memory card if you need extra storage if the 128 gb or 256 gb internal memory is not enough but it can only use Huawei’s own NM (nano memory cards)

The 6.4-inch display stretches nearly edge-to-edge and the front camera nestled in a small dewdrop notch at the top. While the display is not as good as the oneplus 7 pro or Samsung S10 it’s still has a beautiful looking FHD and OLED6.47in screen in a corning gorilla glass display. The P30 Pro runs Huawei’s latest version of EMUI 9.1. and is fast and responsive.

Like many other phones nowadays it doesn’t have a headphone jack so uses wireless headphones. It only has a single bottom speaker which doesn’t quite match up to other phones in this price range The p30 pro also has a built in GPS receiver and NFC, face unlock and an IR remote.

The google huawei trade war doesn’t affect the hauwei P30 or P30 Pro at the time of writing this article.

Huawai P30


My Rating 8/10


The P30 is a smaller 6.1-inch OLED display with 2340 x 1080 resolution and supports Full HD. It’s a more mid range phone than the P30 Pro but still has an excellent three camera setups with a 40MP f/1.8 wide-angle camera, backed up by 16MP f/2.2 ultra-wide and 8MP f/2.4 telephoto snapper work together to take beautiful photos second only to the P30 pro. It can zoom in up to 30x in pictures or 10x in videos.

It has a smaller battery too at 3,650mAh but will be plenty to get you trough the day. It also supports fast charging and the charger that comes with it will charge it to full in about an hour but it has not got wireless charging like the P30 Pro either.

Both the p30 and p30 Pro come in the same bright colors and have the same EMUI 9.1 chip.  The screen is an amoled panel and has a resolution of 1,080 x 2,340.and has also got both face and fingerprint recognition but it’s not as fast as the more expensive P30 Pro. The P30 also has NFC but not the IR blaster that is on the Pro model.

It hasn’t got an IP rating either so we can’t say that it is waterproof like the P30 Pro and this is it’s main problem almost everything about it is just not as good as it’s big brother and is playing second best in most features. If the price was a bit lower it would compete with the xiaomi mi9 but if I could afford a little bit more I would go for the HAUWEI P30 Pro as you would be buying the best rather than the second best camera phone on the market.

8 thoughts on “huawei p30 pro

  1. John Reply

    Oh my, that much zoom for a mobile phone? Honestly, I am very impressed with this one. I have known the Huawei products to be really top class. I have seen some before but this one is in another level entirely. Today,most people want to get phones with great camera and I am sure when people find out about this one, they will definitely jump on. Great review you have here.

    • admin Reply

      Yes it has the best zoom of any phone to date and will pick up things you cant even see with the naked eye. A friend of mine got one for taking photos of wildlife and with the night mode mode it can even light the dark

  2. Rodarrick Reply

    Very great review you have done here on Huawei p30 pro.I have actually been  thinking of getting Huawei but I never knew the one to buy. But now, I will buy this one. This Huawei is just so perfect to be honest. Thank you so much for sharing this out for me. I love the camera features and it seems to be really out of the world. Thumbs up to you for sharing this out with us.

  3. Mugalu Mansoor Reply

    Thanks for this great article.

    I real like Huawei products due to the following reasons.

    They are durable.

    If talk at phones, they have a camera next to iPhone.

    I love my Huawei p8 like no other.

    It has high speed.

    No freezing.

    For sure, Huawei phones are not like any other.

    but I have never tried p30, thou looks to have great features.

    Thank you  very much .

  4. Henry Reply

    Hi! In the midst of the Google Huawei trade war come these two excellent phones! You stated in your post that at the time of writing, this trade war hadn’t affected the phones. Things have been escalating and changing quickly. Hopefully it’ll all be a temporary cloud.

    I’m really impressed with P30 Pro features. From the binoculars capacity to it’s main camera 40 MP. Simply awesome!

    • dj Post authorReply

      Yes any phone with google already installed are ok but new hauwei phones coming out next year could be affected 

  5. Wayne Reply

    This looks like it would be a great choice for my next phone.  I’m very impressed by the zoom features of the cameras and the storage capacity as well.  I’ve been a fan of Samsung for years.  Their phones are easy to use but I could be persuaded to change if. 

    I still get a little confused on the storage end. When it says 6 GB of Ram, I’m presuming that is the limit for storage when it comes to apps and anything else that comes pre-installed on the phone?  I’m asking because the phone (LG) I have only has 2 GB Ram and I have had to eliminate some apps because there isn’t enough storage for updates on the ones I want to keep.  Thank goodness, I have a tablet that has plenty of RAM for my needs but it would still be nice to have some of my favourites on my phone so I don’t have to carry my other device as well.

    The extra storage is impressive as well.  Certainly, the average person wouldn’t need any more than 256GB.  That said, being able to increase that, if needed, is also pretty cool.


    • dj Post authorReply

      Hi wayne the 6 gb ram is random access memory which is like the phones brain or memory the higher the ram the faster it will think work and preform tasks. The storage 128 gb or 256 gb is how much it can store like photos videos apps etc.

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