What does iphone 11 look like

IPhone 11 Pro

So what does iPhone 11 look like In a word awesome with the new A13 bionic chip its faster than ever too. While it doesn’t come cheap there a group of loyal apple supporters out there who would buy nothing else and for good reason as the iPhone has been at the cutting edge of top quality phone design and manufacturing since June 2007 that’s over 12 years making what is probably the best known phone of all time.

The pro has a 5.8″ OLED screen of 1125 x 2436 PX resolution and is protected by the toughest glass you can get on a phone today so it should cope well with an accidental drop even if it falls into water apple claim it is their most water resistant iPhone ever it has got an IP68 rating and it can be submerged in up to four meters of water for 30 minutes and still be OK.

It has a new screen called Super Retina XDR which stands for eXtreme Dynamic Range which are brighter and have twice the contrast of the HDR screens found in the older models. The iPhone 11 comes with the new IOS 13 system which has some improvements over the last models.

A full charge takes about two hours but you can charge to around 50% in around 30 minutes with the 18w fast charger that it comes with. It also supports 10w wireless charging and the battery will last around two full days which is very good for the

3,110 mAh battery the iPhone 11 pro max has a bigger 3,969 mAh internal battery. It should have around 13 hours talk time and 15 hours video playing with 86 hours in standby mode.

The three camera setup is the best yet on an iPhone all three are 12MP cameras the main camera is 1.4µm pixels, wide 26mm f/1.8 lens, optical image stabilization (OIS) and Dual Pixel AF. The second camera is a bit smaller with 1.0µm pixels and sports telephoto 52mm lens for 2x optical zoom over the main camera. The lens is also brighter than before at f/2.0, OIS is available, but there is not Dual Pixel AF like the main camera. The last camera has 1.0µm pixels behind the 13mm (120°) ultra wide-angle lens but there is no stabilization or auto focus on the third camera.

The front selfie camera is also 12MP behind a 23mm f/2.2 lens – up from 30mm lens. All cameras take very sharp photos in daylight and Night Mode triggers automatically when the light is low, it takes very good shots at night too with brilliant colors and contrast. Although personally I think the hauwei p30 pro has a better camera for night shots lighting up the darkest areas.

The iPhone 11pro thanks to its ultra wide angle camera can technically have 4x optical zoom and up to 10x digital zoom and while the photos with apples smart HDR are the most detailed out there for a camera phone it still can’t match the huawei p30 pros zoom camera.

The video can record 4k at 60fps with extended dynamic range and cinematic video stabilization which take great true to life videos that are the best on any iPhone to date. This iPhone is also the first that can record in slow motion at 120fps through the front camera.

Face ID is improved over previous models as its 30% faster and works at greater angles so fast and secure that apple decided not to include a fingerprint sensor so will unlock with facial recognition. Another missing feature is the headphone jack which is very common in most new flagship phones today.

Speaker quality is excellent and louder than most great for watching movies or listening to music. The two stereo speakers are top-notch as they have what’s called spatial audio with support of Dolby atmos which gives a rich sound and deep base and has a more spacious and atmospheric sound than ever before.

So what about the negatives one big one is the price the cost of this iPhone over the competition is a lot even for a top brand like the apple iPhone. The storage starts at just 64gb and no SD slot for expandable storage which just is not enough in this day and age for a phone costing this much although you can get 256gb and 512gb in the more expensive versions it still doesn’t match the competition.

While the photo quality is possibly might be one of the best out there do you need one that good even a professional photographer would struggle to tell compared to others like Samsung s10 pro or the oneplus 7 pro and huawei p30 pro has a zoom that will beat them all hands down and still has excellent quality photos.

With the pace and advances in technology will the cameras on phones be better next year. I can’t say if this is the best phone out their today but if money is no object what I can say is this is the best IOS phone or the best apple iPhone yet. If that’s what you want right now then you should buy it.

IPhone 11 Pro Max


The IPhone pro max has all the same features as the pro but its got a bigger 3,969 mAh capacity battery which is the biggest in an IPhone yet this gives longer standby time of around 100 hours and over twenty hours talk time. The Pro Max also has the same stunning OLED display screen but bigger at 6.5 inches which is great for watching videos or movies but not so much for holding in one hand or carrying around with small pockets.

Personally the cost is a bit too high for me but then again it is an IPhone and the best one ever made yet.

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