Google pixel 4

Draft Created: October 17, 2019,

google pixel 4

The google pixel 4 has a host of new improvements over the pixel 3 like a better camera radar for a faster face unlock process and car crash detection which automatically calls the emergency services if it detects you have had a serious accident but this is only available in the united states at present.

It has a new 5.7 inch FHD + OLED screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz with a pixel density of 444ppi with full HD+ resolution and has a new feature called Ambient EQ that you can turn on or off which makes the colors look more natural under different lighting situations. There is a bar across the top for the front camera and speaker so its not full screen display like you see on so many new phones nowadays.

Another thing it lacks is an ultra-wide angle camera instead google went with a two camera setup the main camera is a 12 megapixel sensor with a f1.7 aperture lens which is assisted by a 16 megapixel telephoto lens f2.4 for better zoom and low light photos. The front selfie camera is 8 megapixel f2.0 with a 90 degree field of view.

While it hasn’t got as many cameras as other phones it tries to make up in the software side what it lacks in hardware like its new AI snapdragon 855 chip live HDR+ and duel exposure all make excellent pictures. Its night sight mode is great and like the hauawi p30 pro or the iPhone 11 seems to pull in light making the darkest shots brighter.

The pixel 4 uses a 2,800-mAh battery which I feel is a bit of a let down for a phone costing this much and is a smaller battery than the pixel 3. Motion sense is another new feature which can detect presence reach and gestures for example it will power on display when you are near and the display will power off when you move away.

Another handy feature with gesture is you can wave your hand over the screen to preform some functions like skip between tracks when playing music silencing alarms and hanging up calls and will also work with some apps like YouTube and spotify. All that comes at a price and that is poor battery life of the inadequate 2800 mAh battery which you would be lucky to last the day.

Lucky then google has included a 18w charger for fast charging which can recharge to around 50% in over 30 minutes or fully charge in around an hour. It also supports wireless charging which can be handy to have a charging pad on a desk or table to keep the phone topped up during the day when you are not using it.

The sound is good but the stereo speakers don’t offer anything new. No headphone jack included either which is common with most new phones now its also missing the fingerprint scanner and uses the face unlock feature instead. The pixel 4 has an IP68 rating so is waterproof for minor drops and splashes int water at least. It also comes with 6GB of RAM which it an upgrade from the last model which only had 4GB.

You can get the pixel 4 in 64GB or 128GB and it comes in black white and orange colors.


Pixel 4 XL

The pixel 4 XL is practically the same phone just bigger there are some little differences the obvious one being the size which is 6.3 x 2.9 inches at 193 grams its 31 grams heavier than the pixel 4 which is 5.7 x 2.7 inches and weighs 162 grams. They both have the same display but the 4XL has a pixel density of 537ppi. Another difference is the battery which is a 3799 mAh while it is bigger than the pixel 4 and its needed for the bigger screen it still is not great for that size of a phone.

Without doubt the best part of the phone is the camera and software behind it taking stunning portrait photos 4k videos great night shots. Still while its much improved over the pixel 3 I can’t say that it has done enough to beat the competition for example the cameras zoom and night shots are better on the hauwei p30 pro, the screen and battery are not any better than the oneplus 7 pro. The ram at 6gb while improved it is not as high as that on offer from the oneplus 7 pro or the Samsung s10 plus which offer up to 12GB RAM. At the price I am not sure that it is the best on offer but it is still a great phone the best yet made by google but it has some stiff competition.

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