Best new mobile phones

With so many phones on the market today it can sometimes get a little overwhelming to pick the right one. It is very much an individual choice on what you are looking for and how much you want to spend.

I hope to help you find the phone that is right for you

About the latest mobile phones

Phones are improving at a very fast pace and are becoming so much more than just a phone. There are more new brands coming to the market every year. Some of the latest mobile phones today have features like fingerprint recognition, face recognition, NFC ( near field communication )

Tesla have an app called Phone key that turns your smartphone into a key that allows you to lock and unlock or drive your model 3 without ever taking your phone out of your pocket.

Screens are getting stronger batteries are getting better charging is getting faster and cameras are getting better and with so much competition everyone is improving their product every year to try to get the edge over their competition.

Although not that new really dual sim cards is another very useful feature if you need two phone numbers for example one for work and one private for family or close friends.

If you are away for a weekend or on holidays you could turn off the work sim card in the settings but could still be contacted by friends or family or in an emergency through the other sim card.

Should you buy cheap mobile phones

It is important to spend your money on a phone that will last and fits your needs and certainly there are very good cheap mobile phones on the market today. It also depends on your needs if you just need to make a call you can get a phone for less than the price of lunch. You can’t expect to get a top of the range android phone for that either as it will probably be a fake rubbish copy.

If you want the latest IPhone or Samsung with all the bells and whistles you are not going to get them cheap but there are plenty other alternatives out there which can come at a lot lower cost and are excellent quality phones.

Buying a handset outright and pairing it with a sim only plan or pay as you go is the cheapest way to own the mobile phone There is nothing wrong with buying a cheap mobile phone the main thing is that they have good reviews and are quality products.

Sim only phone plans

Sim only plans are usually a short term contract where you have your own phone and you get a cheaper monthly plan you have to give around 30 days notice if you want to cancel or change service provider .

When you buy a phone from your service provider or phone shop you will get the phone cheaper but will be tied into a long term contract with higher monthly bills and in the long term you will probably end up paying more than the phone worth in the end.

On top of that the phone will probably be locked so you can only use it with that service provider and it could well cost you even more money to get it unlocked if you want to switch service provider after the contract ends.

So there is no such thing as a free lunch or a free phone either. “If’ seems like your getting a good deal it can work out much more expensive in the long run.

Chinese mobile phone brands

Almost all phones are made in china these days even Apples IPhone is made in china. There are however a lot of other less known brands available some excellent quality and some not so much.

Thankfully today with all the information available on the internet its possible to see the companies that are making a name for themselves like Xiaomi, One plus, and Huawei and many other reputable brands.

There are various levels of quality in china some cheap copies are a waste of money so its worth spending a bit more on a reputable brand that’s making a name for themselves.

It can also take some time to get phones shipped from china especially with regular china post so if you need it quickly you could pay extra for express shipping with DHL

There are also some things you should be aware of like some Chinese firmware on phones direct from china might not work with google pay and there can also be import taxes or duty on phones imported from foreign countries.

It might be worth looking into buying phones from a local source or region if you have concerns about such things. The good news is you can still get some very good quality phones from China and save a lot of money on technology compared to phones in your regular stores here.

Which phone should I choose

That totally depends on you. First decide on what you want from your phone do you want a good camera or tap and go wireless payments with google pay etc. or a crisp clear screen with a fast response time and no lag, Is wireless printing important or does it come down to price, What is your budget.

Is a long battery life important some can go for days without recharging and some have fast charging enabling them to charge 50% in half an hour or is memory size important and how much do you need, you won’t need 256gb if you are only going to be taking a few photos or videos.

Do you need a waterproof phone you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who destroyed their new phone by dropping it in the toilet or the sink, with wireless headphones some phones no longer have a headphone jack and can be completely waterproof.

Pick what you need on your phone and the price you are willing to spend personally I would look at the specs and quality of the phone but others would want a certain brand.

Whatever you want from a phone we will help you decide.

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